Through our Customer Facing TMS platform you will have all your transportation needs met all in one place!!! In today’s transportation world the name of the game is “Visibility, Transparency, and Communication”. By using our TMS platform you will receive the utmost load awareness and related details on every shipment. Archgate Logistics is a forward thinking, technology driven company offering end-to-end transportation management services. With a priority focus on technology and innovation in mind, Archgate Logistics is always updating and upgrading our TMS platform to meet our customers’ expectations. Not to mention the TMS platform is completely FREE!!! No need to wait, give us a call today to get signed up.

TMS Functions

  • Full visibility on every shipment

  • Real time tracking
  • Free rate generating software
  • Capability of booking your choice of carrier and service (LTL only)
  • Full business reports
  • Access to all documents (BOL’s, POD’s, Forms, ETC)
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What Our Customers are Saying

Why our customers love our TMS software:

“Their Online Platform and Automated Tracking updates have allowed us full visibility of all of our loads inbound and outbound”

Henry Van Denack, Logistics Manager, Flavorchem

“Archgate Logistics presented us with their LTL platform that has allowed us to have FULL visibility of all our shipments that we put through their portal. The rates and service have been unmatched. We look forward to a continued relationship with Archgate.”

Jim Scavelli, Operations Manager, Mobile Air